Guilty Pleasures and a Warning.

It’s Friday. It got off to a good start this morning. I was getting gas, Jamie pulled up beside me and said “Jules”, scared the shit out of me, and then handed me a coffee. At the time I thought “yeah, this is going to be a good day”. Little did I know that was just the beginning..

I spilled some coffee of me. By ‘some’, I mean, I have burns on my thigh.

I sit through traffic, and then finally get to Starbucks. I get out of my car, start walking, then I trip and do one of those running catch yourself fumble thing.

LADIES, do not, ever, lather your feet is foot cream and then wear sandals..

Although the above story has nothing to do with this post, I think it is a very important Life Lesson which everyone can benefit from..  Sandals + foot lotion = no, no.


Moving on to what I actually wanted to talk about – Guilty Pleasures. Everyone has them. I honestly, didn’t *know* what mine was until the other day when I was going through my phone and though “welp, I hope no one ever goes through this”….


// Instagram “Explore”… Well, this is what started it all. Clearly I have issues. Creeping strangers engagement rings…. And donkeys. Two things which really don’t go together, I cannot get enough of. The sad thing about this, is that I have multiple different hashtag creeps going to be sure not to miss any new engagement ring or donkey.


// Cooking shows. Not just any cooking shows. My own cooking shows. When I am home alone and cooking, I have this weird thing going on in my brain where I am essentially Giada and I am cooking for an audience. Full Narratives and all. The good part is that I do not talk out loud; I just talk to the voices in my head about it.

// Proposals on Youtube. Yup, I can’t get enough. I watch them on YouTube as well. Some are awful. I have a list which I have provided Jamie with of all the situations where the answer will flat out be “NO”. Sporting events, flash mobs, jumbo-trons, mascots, you get the idea. Oh and if I get board of proposals I will watch Maid of Honor speeches, which will eventually lead to Father Daughter dances. This is my favourite. Seriously, go watch it. Right now.

// Reading missed connections. Hello Kijiji. I love to sit there and read the missed connection section on Kijiji. The people pathetically pleading to be reunited with someone they MIGHT have met once, or not even at all. Think James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” mixed with Kijiji.  “She smiled at me on the subway [just one time and that’s all I really know about her]”.




// Paid Programming. You know it, the awful 30 minute TV ads for “The Magic Bullet”, “The AhhBra”, “Pajama Pants”. Yup, hit me up on that on a Saturday morning.

// Cookie Dough. I could eat a hole thing of this. Yeah, I know you can make “eggless cookie dough”, but I would much rather risk salmonella and have the real thing.

// Etsy. I will browse this for hours, knowing damn well I will not pay some of these outrageous shipping fees ($23.99 to ship an 8.5 X 11 piece of PAPER to Canada from NYC? No way. Nope). And then I will get my craft on an completely duplicate it.  It’s not stealing right?

// Kids clothing on Pinterest. I don’t even like kids. I don’t have a kid. But damn.



What are some of your guilty pleasures?
Do you like raw cookie dough – Don’t lie.

My Mind Is Blown.

“Think of a number. Double it. Add six. Half it. Take away the number you started with. Your answer is three. Mind=Blown”.

Today is was a huge mind fuck.I have long drives to and from work. I spend about 3.5 day driving or 17.5 hours per week. It is a lot. It’s long. It’s lonely. It’s peaceful. It’s mind numbing. It’s beautiful.  It’s relaxing. It’s stressful. To pass the time I usually just pretend to be a rock star and sing my heart out. Sometimes I will be a badass and rap to Nicki Minaj (can’t you hear that boom badoom boom boom). Sometimes I will listen to comedy audiobooks. Or sometimes I will just zone out and think about weird shit. It can get so weird it can become a huge mind fuck, or just so weird that it doesn’t even make sense..


Everyone’s path in life has been determined by certain decisions which have been made. Go to school, get married, etc. Small things can make a huge difference – being 10 minutes late can be the difference of being involved in a car accident of missing it. Running that yellow light or slowing down can make a difference. These little mindless decisions we make whether conscious of it or not, can completely alter the course of our lives.


Seriously though. It started me thinking about so many little – or big – decisions I have made, which have all somehow worked together to get me to where I am now.

What if I went to school for English or Journalism? It’s kind of what I wanted to do. I only chose business because it came really easy to me and I did really well in business courses. What if that high school guidance counselor didn’t suggest business to me? Would I have been a high school English teacher? Maybe a journalist for some newspaper. Maybe BFF with Anderson Cooper – or maybe settle for Lisa Ling who would have taken me shopping with Oprah.


What if I didn’t choose business as an elective in high school…..

What would have happened if Jamie never came into that store when I was 15? I never would have met him. I never would have known he existed.
What made me choose to wear a nametag just one time – the time Jamie was there?
What if 3 years later, when Jamie asked me to go to a baseball game I said no? I was half asleep on the couch when he text me. I hate sports. What made me say yes?
If any 3 of those things didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have had Jamie.

What if I never started this blog? What would I have done in my spare time? I wouldn’t have my beautiful camera which Jamie bought me. I wouldn’t know how amazing all of you are. I never would have fallen in love with Gatsby – Carrie’s dog. I never would have Jenna in my phone with a seashell and a horse to somewhat look like a unicorn.I never would have learned to be more bitter – thanks Ben! I never would have seen the beautiful pictures of England on Instagram without Mrs.B. I never would have found amazing book recommendations from Taryn and Olivia. My life would be so boring.


What if I never suggested for my mom to start blogging? Without her needing my constant help I would not have started this for sure. Thanks for being technically challenged mom!

What if I never signed up for Twitter during the Super bowl 3 years ago out of boredom. I wouldn’t have some of the amazing friends worldwide that I do.

What if Jamie’s tire did break on the way to the Eric Church concert? Best case we had a great night; worst case we could have been in an accident and be dead?


From the tiny decisions, the big ones, to the things out of our control, have all completely altered our lives to bring us to this present time.

I guess some call it God’s plan. Fate. Destiny. Coincidence. Life.

I really don’t have a point. I am just rambling about my mind fuck this morning. Hoping to blow your mind as well once you start thinking about the little decisions which have lead you to this point.

+ Do you ever thing of weird shit while driving?
+ What is the one decision you made which you wouldn’t change?
+ Does rapping make you feel like a bad ass?

Cheers to 4 years!

“New year is living life in a new and fresh time on the same path of destiny” – Mohammed Abad Alrazak

4 years

Last night Jamie and I celebrated 4 years of being together. It is kind of crazy, I feel like I was just writing this post last year….
I was thinking today on how significant 4 years really is, even though in some aspects it’s not long at all. I was thinking back on the past 4 years and everything we had done and everything Jamie has been by my side for.
I was barely 18 when we started dating. He was there as I graduated high school (in spirit, because we were still ‘new’ and my parents didn’t meet him yet).
He was there as I dragged him across the border into the US to get vanilla coke after spending the day in Niagara Falls.

He was there as volunteered for the sexual assault centre. He was there when I would be up at strange hours answering phone calls.
He was there as I started college. When I contemplated switching my major, he was there when I ultimately did switch.

He was there when I turned 19. He was there as I went into a casino for the first time; he was there when I proudly got to use my ID.

He was there when I lost all the money I bet. He was there when I bought alcohol for the first time with my ID.


He was there to wake me up for the second year in a row NYE after having a little too much to drink.


He was there when I finished my first year of school a week before starting my second year (Note to self, never condense 3 years of school into 2 years).


He was there when I completed my second year, went hardcore knitting while being off, and causing permanent nerve damage.
He was there when I went to the Hockey Hall Of Fame for the first time, and had to endure that.

He was there to pick me up after Shannon and I would decide to day drink and craft all afternoon.

He was there to see me start this little blog of mine, and he was there to watch me fall in love with, and talk about all my new friends.

He was there when I graduated college.


He was there when I had the daunting task of finding a job.

He was there when I went to my first ever hockey game.


He was on the other end of the phone when I got to pet my first donkey.

He was there to make sure I would stay awake after donating blood, passing out, and being told I cannot go to bed before 10:00

He was there when I got a job.

He was there to get up with my and make me breakfast and dinner before and after work.

He was there for any momentous moment in my life for the past 4 years. He is still there.

He is there to give me a Monster and chocolate when I had a bad day.


He is there to text me if it is past 9:00 and hasn’t heard if I made it to work on time.

He is there to tell me not to put wet towels on the bed.

He is there to make me go to the gas station with him so he can fill the air up in my tires.

He is there to listen to me talk about characters in a book, or a show like they are real people.

He is there to remind me to be a better person.

He is there to drive me around the country to take pictures of cows.


He is there to teach me about sports, even though I really don’t care.

He is there so I can vent about traffic, gas prices, and the damn cottagers who insist on coming home with me every week.

He is there to make me laugh when I really need it.

I don’t know where or who I would be if it weren’t for Jamie. He keeps me grounded, teaches me patients and kindness every day, and shows me how to be a better person.

So here is to another year of memories and of firsts.

Thoughts on Tuesday

“I don’t want it good. I want it Tuesday.” – Jack Warner


+ Is it really only Tuesday?

+ Why did I stay up watching Orange Is The New Black last night? I don’t even really like the show. It’s okay. I think it’s over rated. If it wasn’t for Red I wouldn’t have stuck it out. Why are the jail guards so redneck stupid? I find it irritating.

+ I don’t know why it took me so long to get 3 pumps vanilla, in my Venti Blonde coffee. It is delicious

photo 4

+ Thank you Cristina for my gift card to Starbucks

+ Thank you to all of you who sent me amazing birthday wishes last Thursday – I totally felt the love.

+ Thank you to all of you who told me how much you enjoyed my last post. It have received the most views of any of my other posts in almost 2 years. Guess that means something right?

+ I would love to be outside today taking pictures and going for a walk. I’m at work instead. When I am not at work, I have no desire to go for a walk. Why is that?

+ I have flowers. Never buy me flowers. I hate them. But I am starting to love peonies. They are even my iPhone background. What is wrong with me?

photo 2

photo 1

+ The basement reno is starting on Saturday. Paint colours are going to be the death of me. I think I have settled on a colour…. For now. Jamie wasn’t much of a help, poor guy. He thought al 7 colours were the same. He was unable to see the different colour undertones. On the flip side he said I can pick whatever I like. Guess that helps. I currently love “Coventry” by Benjamin Moore.

+ OH I GOT MY HAIR COLOURED. First time in 3 years colouring my hair. LOVE IT. Not even sure why I took that break any more. And wow, my hair sure has grown since cutting a foot of it off a few months ago. Wow.

photo 3

+ I am thinking about self-hosting this little blog. Why is coding so scary?

+Blended was a great movie. Highly recommend it. Love Drew and Adam. LOVE THEM.

+ It’s only 9:54, only 7 hours to go.


Entertain me.
– What are your random thoughts?
– Do you like Flowers?
– Do you like OITNB or watch it for no reason like myself?

#YesAllWomen Because It Could Be Me

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” ― Brigham Young

I try to keep things pretty light over here. Humorous, pretty, happy, all positive things. But I am feeling kind of deep tonight…

Something I hardly ever talk about is what I did with the semester I took off in between high school and college. I volunteered for my local sexual assault 24 hour crisis intervention line. Before being alone for your 12 hour shift, there was an intense training period. The training was twice a week in the evenings as well as all day Saturday. We were taught all about sexual assault, sexual abuse, flashbacks, triggers, everything. We were taught how to ‘deal’ with women who called in while they were in crisis, suicide prevention and how to ‘talk someone down’ from taking their life.

With all of the training you receive, nothing will ever prepare you for that first phone call. The phone call from someone who tells you they haven’t gotten out of bed in a week after they were raped from their brother’s best friend – the person who they considered to be like a brother. The phone call where they blame themselves for not wearing enough clothes, for having one drink too many, or second guessing if they shouted “NO” enough times..

Phone calls like that, leave much more than an emotional effect on you. Phone calls like that change you. Phone calls like that make you realize that could be you. Phone calls like that – hearing someone live through every woman’s worst fear – makes you realize you truly are never safe.


I am sure you have heard of the #YesAllWomen campaign which is going heavily on Twitter right now. If you haven’t you can read about it here.

I sent out a few tweets about it tonight. After my 5th tweet, my notification centre was blowing up. A lot of favourites, and retweets – yes, but I also had 12 replies from guys who were trying to argue, rationalize, or justify rape or violence against women.

There is no rationalization. There is no argument. There is no justifying.

#YesAllWomen because “What were you wearing” should never be the first question (or even a question) asked to a rape victim


#YesAllWomen because it’s not about what she wore, or how much she had to drink, it’s about him committing a crime and assaulting her

#YesAllWomen because guys do not say “my ex has something of mine but I’m too scared to go and get it

#YesAllWomen because men don’t text each other to say they made it home safely

#YesAllWomen because men don’t have to go in pairs to the washroom


#YesAllWomen because “It’s not rape if you enjoy it – it’s just surprise sex”

#YesAllWomen because rape should never be a joke

#YesAllWomen because I don’t want my daughter to have to constantly look over her shoulder in parking garages and having to carry her keys like a weapon


#YesAllWomen because this hashtag has to exist; because this has to be a conversation at all

#YesAllWomen because the chance of getting attacked by a shark is 1 in 3.7M , yet the chance of being sexually assaulted in 1 in 6

#YesAllWomen because we are taught that yelling “FIRE” is more effective than yelling “RAPE”


#YesAllWomen because if someone kills you because your shirt ‘provoked them’ they would be charged with murder

#YesAllWomen because “no” should be enough

#YesAllWomen because my college offered ‘safe walks’ where security would walk you to your car


#YesAllWomen because being on an elevator alone with a man shouldn’t be frightening

#YesAllWomen because when a man says ‘no’ in this culture it is the end of the discussion. When a woman says ‘no’ it’s the beginning of a negotiation

#YesAllWomen Because it effects half of the total population

#YesAllWomen Because it could be me


My Most Controversial Post

“I don’t believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.” – Ken Venturi

I am alive. I am breathing. I have not died.

Wow, I feel awful for neglecting this little blog of mine. I miss everyone here in the blogiverse. I miss catching up on everyones happenings. When I finally got myself in a decent routine I decided to purchase my newest little baby – my Kindle, which has taken priority in my life.

But I am back.. So I think I am going to come back with a bang.

I never discuss controversial topics, politics, or anything which cause a huge uproar among bloggers. In one of my previous posts I mentioned that this is my edited life. In an attempt to narrow the difference I am going to risk. After all, it are these controversial topics/beliefs which I am very verbal about in my off line life.

I was slightly worried that some of the things which I believe is going to change my bloggy friends opinions of me. But, I am still going to keep it real and take that risk.


+ I believe in good over evil
+ I believe the bible itself is merely stories to emphasize good over evil
+ I believe in the 10 commandments and that you should not have an affair or kill people – I don’t believe lightening came down and sketched it into rock.
+ I believe in abortion and that women should have the completely and utter right to choose if they WANT to continue a pregnancy or not. I believe forcing a pregnancy is unintentional slavery which is a thorough slap in the face of human rights.
+ I believe if we cannot trust women with a choice we also shouldn’t trust them with a child
+ I believe in choice and everything and anything is a choice – I believe this should be a basic human right which no politician should or should not have a say in – I believe in consequence and depending on your choice there could be a negative consequence.
+ I do not believe a fetus is a baby until it can live on its own (or with the help of medicine) outside of the womb
+I believe in gay marriage, gay rights, EQUAL rights, love is love, love is louder, and nothing else should matter
+ I believe no one should pass judgment on anyone with the defense of “You’re going to hell”, I do not believe that is anyone’s decision to make with what is going to happen after someone dies. I believe everyone has the choice to live how they want and if God truly has an issue with it, why should we crucify them for their choice?
+ I do not believe being homosexual is a choice
+ I believe how you choose to live your life is a whole hell of a lot louder than who you choose to go to bed with.
+ I believe in modesty, having self-respect, and leaving something to the imagination.
+ I do not believe in “if you got it flaunt it”
+ I believe in capitalism
+ I believe in completely eliminating unions
+ I believe in taking care of yourself before you can help anyone else (and I think airlines agree)
+ I believe in medicine and vaccines, painkillers and Tylenol
+ I believe in government
+ I believe everyone should vote unless you don’t care enough to educate yourself on current issues. If you don’t care enough to research what you are voting on, I believe your vote should be null.
+ I believe education is one of the most powerful things you can give yourself. I believe people fear the educated. I believe education should be a basic human right for everyone. I believe knowledge is power.
+ I believe people should have to pass a test in order to have a child
+ I believe stupid parents raising stupid children is the leading reason why I do not want or like children.
+ I believe the world will change by good people raising their babies right (Thank you Catherine Avery)
+ I believe in reading, books, and the amazing world it opens up
+ I believe kids should be reading instead of watching TV or playing on devices. I believe it are these amazing books with will last a life time instead of what level they were able to read on Candy Crush at age 8.
+ The Giving Tree, The Polar Express, Guess How Much I Love You, Something From Nothing – I believe it should be mandatory for children to be read these books. Where the Sidewalk Ends, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Velveteen Rabbit; should also be added to that list.
+ I believe regardless of my opinions and beliefs and if they are different from yours, I am not going to hell nor does it make me a horrible person
+ I believe you have the right to have different opinions/beliefs than I do. I believe we can learn a lot from each other without having to fight about it.
+I believe throwing God around in any argument is a weak defense.

Please be nice to me!
– What do you believe?
– Do you agree or disagree with anything I listed?
– What is your favourite children’s book?